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Sustainability This Week - Issue X

Welcome to the tenth edition of Sustainability This Week! Our biweekly blog posts where we bring you sustainable alternatives to everyday products and sustainability initiatives. This week, it’s all about sustainable technology. As always, no sponsors, no affiliate links, just sustainable products brought to you by us <3 Let’s begin!

Asus VU Display

The first product of the week is the Asus VU Display, a sustainably made desktop monitor! The sleek monitor which comes in a variety of colorways, ranging from a chic beige to a darker navy blue, is a great sustainable choice for one's home office or work space. Focusing on their plastic use and energy consumption, the VU display is made up of 85% post consumer recycled plastic and consists of a built in light sensor and energy saving mode to manage energy usage. In addition, the desktop has been constructed with halogen free PCBs. PCBs, short for printed circuit boards, are often made with halogen, which consists of chemical elements which emit toxic gas that is harmful to both the environment and humans when burned. Asus, as described on their website, is committed to climate action, responsible manufacturing, and a circular economy.

The Mill Kitchen Bin

Where to buy: Mill’s website

Price: $33 a month with yearly subscription (as of June 6, 2023)

The next product is a revolutionary garbage can. Yes, you heard it right - Mill has created a kitchen bin which “shrinks and destinks” all of your food waste! This magical kitchen bin doesn't need to be emptied for weeks at a time! Instead of being sent as trash to landfills the food put into the kitchen bin is composted without you having to do anything. All you have to do is send the food grounds back to Mill, through the packaging they provide you. The food grounds made up of your leftovers will go directly to various farms as chicken feed.

The problem of food waste is a significant one. According to the Mill website, food waste accounts for 8-10% of global emissions, which is double the amount that aviation contributes. Additionally, according to the EPA, an entire third of the food produced in the US is not eaten, and it is specifically household food which is the most common material found in landfills. This harms the environment through the toxic gas, methane, that is released from rotting food. Overtime, this methane gas will trap 80x more heat in our atmosphere than carbon dioxide! This is a shocking figure.

Acer Earthion Initiative

In addition to Acer's commitment to renewable energy facilities and reduction of waste, as part of their Earthion initiative, Acer has created the Earth Mission platform. This platform was made to help individuals make sustainability a part of their everyday life. The app structured around habit building allows you to keep track of the steps you’ve taken towards sustainability and track your impact. The platform is made for creating awareness and can help us hold ourselves accountable for our impact on the world!



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