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Saving The World & Your WAllet

Welcome to the thirteenth edition of Climate Now! Our biweekly blog posts where we discuss meaningful and ongoing sustainability initiatives and climate activities. This week we will be discussing a sustainable initiative which helps combat climate change and save you money!

Let’s get into it.

As we’ve seen across news headlines and on social media in recent weeks, the rise in climate has begun to affect the majority of the global population. According to Pew Research, approximately 61% of Americans believe that climate change, on a global scale, is having an impact on their local community. A 2021 study employed by machine learning found that 85% of the world's population has been impacted by climate change and its related events. It seems that this remains true as record breaking temperatures have been taking place across various countries such as Mexico, Spain, Canada, and China these past few months. These events have come with tremendous numbers of casualties, as well as agricultural issues.

One of the major causes of carbon emissions in the US is rotten food waste. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, more than a third of food produced in the US remains uneaten and is the most common matter found in our landfills. The problem with this is that rotten food produces the toxic gas methane, which according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change will trap about 80 times more heat in the atmosphere than its equivalent in carbon dioxide. Zooming out to the global scale, food loss and waste has been found to emit more gas emissions than the entirety of top greenhouse gas emitting countries like India and Russia! Project Drawdown, an initiative created to find climate solutions backed by science, found that managing food waste and loss holds one of the highest potentials for combating gas emissions and therefore climate change.

There are a number of initiatives which have taken this to heart. Too Good To Go is one example of this. A mission based initiative, Too Good To Go is an app which connects businesses to users allowing you to purchase food that would otherwise go to waste. The app gives users the chance to browse stores and restaurants who have a surplus of food to give away and choose what they’d like. At a third of the price, Too Good To Go is a win for your wallet and the environment. This initiative also allows businesses to gain profit from food that would have otherwise gone into the garbage, while helping reduce gas emissions. Another mission driven business created to reduce food waste is the Mill Foodbin, which was featured in our previous blog post.



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