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Who We Are

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Two Students, One Mission

For The Planet was founded in 2022 by Columbia University students Tom Harpaz and Mai Hasson. We started our company because we noticed it was difficult to find sustainable alternatives to the majority of our most loved products. The problem was highlighted for us: sustainable solutions are not easily available to the public. Our mission at For The Planet is to make sustainable solutions accessible to everyone. Shopping sustainably could be one of the easiest ways to decrease humans’ impact on our changing climate. All it takes is one decision to make this conscious effort. Join For The Planet in its journey to make sustainable shopping the new normal. Read our blogs, spread the message, take that step. Together, we can do our part, for our planet.

Our Team 


Tom Harpaz 
Co-Founder & CEO 

From hi-tech startups to local social media campaigns, Tom has always had his eye out for environmental opportunities. Ever since leading the middle school environmental club, he’s been involved in his community’s efforts to protect the environment. Through years of environmental awareness campaigns for his city and university, he exemplified a devotion to making the world a better place. Combining leadership, entrepreneurship, and environmental causes, For The Planet is the next milestone in his journey to make our lives on earth more conscious and sustainable.


Mai Hasson
Co-Founder & CMO 

From glass art to graphic design, Mai has always been a creative person with an entrepreneurial spirit. Following multiple marketing and graphic design positions, she joined Tom in his mission to do our part in helping the environment. As CMO she has built the company's brand and continues to implement her marketing strategies in the company's social media presence. For The Planet allows her to combine her passion for design and marketing with her concern for the environment - an ultimate dream come true.

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